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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 12, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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you're's watching the station that works for you, now good morning maryland. he was doing his job. meaning at a taco bell is shot while working. we have the latest -- a man at a taco bell is shot while working we have the latest. >> and neighbors scramble to get away from their home after an explosion. >> parades, ceremonies and services. veterans are honored across the grateful nation. local things happening in baltimore. those stories ahead on this monday morning. happy veterans day and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson let's get to weather with meteorologist lynette charles. after a great weekend veteranser is of a great day. >> they will. so that's good news out there. looking at maryland's most powerful radar, we are nice and dry. we have all the sweeps on and not much to see right now. it won't be until later today basically the evening time frame overnight into tomorrow. that the rain will be coming down across the area. that's when we will see change
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in the forecast and behind the front, 47 degrees this morning in sykesville and temperatures are above average and as we go into columbia this morning, 44 degrees and we are looking at some patchy fog across the area this morning as well. so be aware of that as you head out and about. you can see the dew point the same as that temperature in columbia. 46 degrees in davidsonville. and the good news is winds are calm in a lot of spots but this picks up going throughout the day. winds out of the south at 5 to 15 miles an hour. so it's going to be breezy and we start out at 8 and we will get the sunshine but clouds will move into the area. i am going with 60 by lunchtime. and a high temperature coming in at 64. another mild and dry day on tap. take advantage of it. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning of the great weather for the veterans day parade that starts around 9 this morning on charles streetand center street. but many roads will be closed around 7 this morning. they include charles street
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from fayette to monument streets and eastbound lanes of mount vernon place from cathedral to st. paul street and the parade ends on gay street. that's going to be shut down at fayette street. if you are traveling on the beltway this morning, we have some good news. a crash just cleared from the south side. it was on the outer loop at washington boulevard. and as being see, traffic is moving along here at liberty road. no delays whatsoever. and if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway, this is what piet looks like in hunt valley at -- what it look like in hunt valley as you make the drive to 695. it will be nice and clear heading downtown. normal conditions just 11 minutes southbound from the beltway to fayette street. 95 nice and clear traveling southbound from 695 all the way to downtown. you are looking at a 15-minute ride. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. today we honor the men and women who made so many sacrifices for us. >> yesterday it was veterans but we say thank you today in
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our area. sherrie johnson is live with what is in store throughout baltimore city and our community. >> reporter: my dad served 26 years in the air force and myenterer pilot in the air force. today is a day to say thank you to them and veterans and those serving. later on this morning a number of people will gather here at mount vernon square for the annual veterans day march and ceremony. it's a time not just a time off work but a time to come together and salute the folks that are doing so much for our country. now this all starts at about 9:00 this morning right here at mount vernon square where it will wind its way downtown. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake will be on hand for this event. she will lead a march of dignitaries veterans and military personnel down charles street from the washington monument to the actual ceremony. there will be a formal ceremony
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at war memorial plaza and a number of streets will be closed this morning because of that parade starting at 7 a.m. now they have asked people to have their cars moved fret streets at 6 a.m. but the closures are at 7 a.m. and lauren cook will have more on the road class years and aunt -- closures and alternate routes. it starts at 9 a.m. and the ceremony at war memorial plaza starts at 10 a.m. you know say thank you to a veteran. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. [ playing taps ] president obama paid tribute to the veterans at arlington national cemetery and laid awreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers e praised the sacrifices of american servicemen and women and gave a nod to their families.
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>> tour after tour, year after year, you and your families have done all that this country has asked. >> the president noted more than 1 million service members will make the transition to civilian life and urged all of to us serve them as well as they served our country. we want to know how you're saluting our veterans. head to and let us know what you are doing to hon orlt men and women who serve -- honor the men and women who serve us. a late night shooting in columbia over the weekend and still no arrest. manager who is not named is in critical condition. two men were in the parking lot and came up to the man and for some reason started to shoot e was able to make it back inside to the restaurant where two employees called 911. now that taco bell is on minstriel way. the customers were worried about what happened in neighboring business and they are coming with up plans to
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protect themselves. >> [audio not understandable] we have hire people to do extra protection. >> at last check the taco bell macker -- manageer is in critical condition. new for you this morning, fire burns through a roof from anne arundel county home. it broke out before 1 this morning and brought 70 firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment from wild willow wayto fight the fire. they battled heavy fire conditions at the home and immediately requested a second alarm to help. >> the family of three self- evacuated after hearing the smoke alarms go off and then called 911. it took approximately an hour and a half to bring the fire under control. the cause is under investigation and there's approximately 350,000 dollars in damage to the structure and
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contents. >> they got out unharmed and no firefighters were hurt. >> can you imagine this being your neighborhood. a massive explosion ripped through an indianapolis neighborhood. two people were killed. they spoke with the family that lives where the blast happened. >> reporter: i spoke with the owner of the home at 8349 field fairway. they live at the residence and they both said they were out of town at the time of the blast. they did say that they knew that two people had been killed in the explosion and that they didn't really know the people but knew they were neighbors in the richmond hills somebody division. the two people that live at 8349 field fairway say they were out of town and haven't been back since the explosion happened. drew smith, rtv6. the game in hand by midway through the second quarter. ravens fan had plenty to be
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optimistic about heading into the game with the steelers this week. flacco and the offense scored early and often against the raiders yesterday. on their way to a record setting 55-20 win at m and t bank stadium. chris was there how was it? i got the thumbs up. flacco threw for 341 yards and 3 scores leading the ravens to a franchise record 55 points against a horrible raiders team. win keeps baltimore at 7-2 and keeps the current home winning streak at 15 straight games intact. you want a good deal especially on designer deals. but who doesn't want that? what do you know about the bargins and what's bogus? we will tell you what's important for you to know in doing your homework in this week's scam alerts. losing your home because of an unpaid water bill is happening in baltimore even to residents who say their bill is wrong. we will tell you about the aggressive tactics the city is using. and sipping on the hot cup of
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coffee? many of us are doing it. it could become a thing of the past. why some say offee could be extinct -- coffee could be extinct. >> and what goes up must come down. i will tell you when the mild temperatures take a tumble after the break. >> reporter: everything is moving along here on 95 just south of 195. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on the beltway and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> it's 9 minutes after the hour. a live look at times square if new york. let's check today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites apple settles a patent dispute. they and htc signed a 10 year licensing agreement. they say they can concentrate on product development. analyst say it shows a change in attitude for apple. pregnant women who use cell phones may be harming the health of their babies. a yale study involving mice found offspring were more hyperactive when exposed to powered up cell phones and had
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less memory. halo four is the latest in the master chief series one of the best selling franchises of all time. c net dan ackerman says they live up to the legacy. >> they do a nice job of putting together a highly playable and fun game. may not be the most original thing but if you fan of sci-fi or the series shoot them up action games, you will have fun with halo 4. >> reporter: it's available for the x box 360. those are your tech bites.
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news time 6:12 and a man could lose his home all because of an unpaid utility bill. >> and abc's mark green blat explains it's a story that is playing out all across the
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country. >> reporter: on hbo the wire richard burton played shamrock mcgenty. >> they have their eye on marlow. >> reporter: but he lost his job when the wire went off the air. and today, the accomplished actor and musician is in the middle of a real life drama at lose risk of losing his home oaf a disspewed 1,000 dollar water bil. >> the bill is there but after adding the lawyer fuse and 18% and it's unjust and wrong. >> reporter: burton refused to pay. but the city of baltimore turned to a controversial tactic to collect selling his debt to a private company which then put a lien on his home. >> you have no choice but to pay or you lose your home. that can't be right. >> reporter: now the company is asking for additional interests and high legal fees, too. bringing the tab to almost $5,000. >> someone could lose their home for the failure to pay a 2
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or 300 dollar water bill or sewer bill. >> reporter: the national consumer law center says thousands of homeowners all over the u.s. are threatened with foreclosure every year because of unpaid utility bills and taxes. in rhode island a.474 dollar sewer bill cost one woman her home. the company that took possession later sold it for $85,000. back in baltimore, vikki valentine lost her house over a partially paid water bill. >> you have been in the home for 33 years? >> yes. >> reporter: and now all of a sudden you are out on the street. >> yes. and that's not a fun place to be. >> reporter: lien logic the company that brought richard burton's debt makes 100,000 dollars a year profiting from the business we tracked down a cofounder after he refused to sit down with us. you're taking homes from people for small unpaid water bills. >> i decline the interview. >> reporter: in the end. >> thanks for your time appreciate you coming by. >> reporter: you have nothing to say. >> nothing more. >> reporter: you have nothing to say to the people who lose
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their homes to you? >> i think we will hear more about this that was mark greenblatt reporting. now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right let's talk about what's going on right now because we are dry but can see some wet weather back off towards the west. this is poised to move in here going late into the evening overnight into tomorrow morning. and then it will be out of here once it does that we are going to be working with some much colder air across the area. you can even see some snow and wintery mix around illinois right now. but on the backside of this much clearer conditions and more sunshine will move back into the picture. right now temperatures at 48 in ellicott city. 50 in annapolis and 47 in man chest they are morning. and bel air coming in at 46 degrees and good morning to you centerville at 49. march della springs at 52. temperatures for the most part above average. as we go into the afternoonthat's going to hold and the reason why is we have
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high pressure to the south with that we are getting back return flow and that's why we will see mild air once again before this cold front moves in and behind that cold front we are going to be dealing with much colder air across the area. so, i hope you enjoyed the weekend get out and enjoy veteran's day because it's going to be last day before we start to have a difference in the forecast. and future trend is going to show you when the wet weather is going to work the way in here. so we are looking at overnight, we can see the wet weather back off towards the west. more of the same as we go into tuesday morning. and this moves through and then by the afternoon, looks like we are clearing out nicely and get more sunshine in the forecast for us and speak of the forecast this is how we head through the day. 60 degrees by lunchtime and then we will bump up to about 64 degrees for the high temperature for today. and this is the 7-day forecast as we will get chilly into wednesday. 47 and sunt shine as we head into saturday. next chance for showers work their way in on sunday. let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. gosh, i wish the warm temperatures would stick around a little longer. we are dealing with a crash in ann arunde county on route -- anne arundel county on route 50block one lane at the bay bridge. in baltimore we have repairs underway to fix a massive water main break. north charles street remains shut down from pen station to 21st street. maryland avenue st. paul street calvert street in 83 -- and 83 as a alternate. looking at 38 north of 695, notice everything moving right along no delays heading into the city. and as far as 95 is concerned, this is what it looks like downtown at 395 no delays right now traveling through the fortmchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel nice and clear and checking in and look at the drive times, you will notice 695 in great shape no delays out on the west side. you are looking at a normal 9 minute ride on the outer loof from 795 down -- loop from 795
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to interstate 70. that's traffic now over to you. all right. can it be your morning cup of coffee could become a thing of the past. >> no. >> yeah. get this. experts say the main bean to use coffee is drying up and could be headed for extinction. but not until 2080. >> devastated probably is not too strong a word. >> i am addicted to coffee. >> i need something to give meet energy. >> i don't think i could leave if i didn't have coffee. >> you better stock up. coffee is the world's second most traded commodity behindoil. over 08% of americans drink -- 80% of americans drink it spending an average of 84 -- >> 2080? i would be a little over a hundred years old. >> i hope to cut coffee by 2080. >> how many do the vacuum sealed packages last. >> we will find out stock up. >> another spot in the basement. >> you know the web is a great
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way to cover anybody and when we talk about your holiday shopping find something for everybody on the internet. >> not everything you find online is not what it seems as counterfeits are flooding the market. >> >> reporter: when it cops -- comes to shopping the better the price the more we love it. we love designer and scamers know it. you have to do your homework before you buy. >> check out a merchant that especially when you are unfamiliar with ahead of time, go online and put in the merchant's name and search engine like rip-off and complaint and see what other people that have dealt with them are saying. >> reporter: look for security features like a label or sticker a real manufacturer will add that's hard to repo dues. some major labels will offer advice on avoiding counterfeits on their websites. be aware of low prices too good to be true and use a credit card for purchases which can offer greater protection than a debit card until the event of
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fraud and if you get duped don't try to resell the merchandise. >> even if you tell somebody this is not a real whatever handbag, but it's a great bag, you're still liable. if you can get in trouble and can get prosecuted. don't resell it. >> reporter: and demand your money back rareless of the return policy -- regardless of the return poly. joce sterman. >> and if you discover you are dealing with a company selling counterfeit good, contact the attorney general's office and file a complaint with them. news time 6:20. would you camp outside for days to see a movie? >> thousands are doing it. we will take you to a camp site all things twilight. >> poppa smurf and yowl kiddy -- kitty not your -- hello, kitty. not your usual suspects. we will tell you what's in storefor this year's edition of the macyparade. >> and area still recovering from the aftermath of sandy a preview this morning that airs at 2 here on abc. ♪
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♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as loyal as a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. people are dedicated and have been camped out for days. we are talking about november
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right now. to catch a glim phs of the stars. >> the wait is over for the finale of the twilight saga. tonight breaking dawn two in hollywood is the last in the series of the film as some traveled from canada and mexico to stake their claim to catch a glimpse of bella jacob as they walk the red carpet. >> it's unbelievable. and we haven't gotten to the stars yet. >> group of 2,000 people huddled together in colorful tents decorated with the favorite twilight character. lauren joins with us thecaption this. >> team edward or jacob. >> >> all. >> i robert patinsen is the guy the girl cheated on him. >> this is sent in by beth of her daughter makala how -- michaela who you can see celebrating the first birth day. look at that face.
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>> that's an expression. >> we posted it and there have a been a lot of comments. pink, pink every where where's ravens purple and black and teresa says oh happy day. cynthia jackpot. and teresa saying herry up the game is on and -- hurry up the game is on and is this heaven? i do need photos for this week so e-mail yours to we are a week away from thanksgiving and it's hard to believe and to make sure macy's big parade goes off without a hitch, new balloons were inflated and flown outside for a test run. >> today's an amazing day for us. we have got two weeks before the macy's thanksgiving day parade and today we debuted the brand new balloons that will revealthemselves on thanksgiving poppa murph and elf on the shell and hello, kitty will be in her own plane. night anticipated 3 million people will line the parade
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route another 50 million are expected to wap it live on television. sometimes thieves had stop at nothing to get what they want. >> we are talking about an atm. that's included in that list. and it may be heavy but that didn't stop these guys who brought in the heavy equipment to steal the money machine.
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